Early Thursdays

How do teachers “turn on the lights?”

Teachers according to this article turn on the lights by bringing technology into the classroom. When students enter the classroom chances are before they came to class they were involved in technology somehow, that morning, the night before, ect. However; once they enter the classroom they are told to disconnect. No technology is allowed and they are “in the dark” they’re thrown into an “old fashioned” way of learning. To turn on the lights teachers need to introduce technology into the classroom in ways conducive to the children’s education, but in a way that makes learning a bit more engaging, fun, and fast paced. So many kids are bored in class nowadays because we live in a society of instant gratification and where everyone has everything at their fingertips. kids of all ages can see and do so many things they were not able to do before, kids can use this technology to access learning devices they may not have been able to without these tools. It’s important that teachers of all ages learn to turn on the lights because we can’t take away technology from children anymore, yes it’s okay to limit certain things; but it’s inevitable that children will be using technology and teaching them how to use it for educational purposes could be very helpful in their future. We live in a technology/social media based society so it’s important that children learn how to use these tools as they will be active parts of the rest of their lives.


Turning on the lights will brighten children’s futures, not distract from them.


One thought on “Early Thursdays

  1. I suppose it comes down to what you believe is occurring when students learn. What are the cognitive processes going on inside of our students’ heads, and how can we best enable those processes? Does the use of educational technology help or hinder our efforts?


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