Lights On?

Turning on The Lights

In recent discussions of technology in the classroom, a controversial issue has been whether it should be allowed or not. Kids are exposed to so much technology out side of the classroom, that when they come into the classroom there’s little to no technology allowed. On one hand people argue that kids nowadays spend a lot of time in doors and connected to a screen, using social media, playing games, and doing many other things that adults and others may not find super great for their development and education. On the other hand however, people argue that we need to bring more tech into the classroom. According to this view, A lot of people feel that kids are so connected to technology outside of the classroom that when they come into the classroom and are completely disconnected that they’re bored, and most kids agree with this sentiment; “50 to 70 percent of middle school and high school students feel bored in the classroom.” ( In the sum, the issue is whether or not to give students more technology in the classroom and keep them connected rather than forcing them to disconnect during the time that they’re in school. My own view is that kids should be allowed to be connected in some way during school hours, we live in a world of constant entertainment and instant gratification. I remember constantly being bored during classes, bringing more technology into the classroom could make it both more entertaining for students as well as engaging. Though I concede that there is such a thing as too much tech in the classroom, I still maintain that’s its important for kids to stay at least a bit connected. For example bringing in some more technology based games could be a way to get kids engaged at times they might otherwise be sitting through a long boring lecture. Although others might think this is counterproductive or the kids should be outside instead, I would reply that during this lecture students would usually be inside anyways so bringing in engaging technology is a great solution. This issue is important because we need to find a way to get children interested in school and learning and keep them from feeling bored.

The Right Technology May Be a Pencil

In recent discussions of pen and paper versus technology, a controversial issue has been is one better than the other? On one hand, people argue that classic pen to paper is better than computers; from this perspective it’s said that sometimes just because we have access to newer better technology doesn’t mean the older technology wouldn’t be just as good (older technology like pen and paper.) On the other hand however, others argue that technology can be just as good and in some situations a little bit better. According to this view, things like blogging can be practiced with pencil and paper but can actually be applied online. In sum then, the issue is whether new fancy technology can  be just as good as the old pen and paper? My own view is that although all these new technologies are great and very helpful in many times and situations, pencil and paper are sometimes just as good if not better and this is definitely something some of us forget. Though I concede that technology is very useful and can be helpful in the classroom, I still maintain that some paper and a pencil can sometimes do the job just as well. For example, putting ideas and rough drafts on paper can be useful especially before putting  things online. Although some might object that that’s an unnecessary step, I would reply that for some it’s a very beneficial step. This issue is important because people tend to forget that yes we do have lots of fancy new technology, but sometimes a pencil and some paper will do the same job just as well.

The Use and Abuse of Technology in The Classroom

In recent discussions of uses and  abuses of technology in classrooms, a controversial issue has been what is a good use of technology in a classroom and what is an abuse of technology in a classroom? On one hand some argue that technology is great in the classroom if used correctly. From this perspective, technology in the classroom should be used for accessing what was once inaccessible, it should be used for doing things in better ways, it should be used for sharing with the world, connecting with others, and it should be used to give more choices to students. On the other hand, some argue that technology can be abused and wrongly used in the classroom. According to this view technology should not be used as a digital worksheet, it should not be used as a way to keep students occupied, and it shouldn’t be used to do the things you can do without it. In the sum the issue is just to be careful with how you’re using technology in the classroom, whether you use or abuse it is your decision, but it should only be used for helpful reasons. My own view is that technology is definitely useful in the classroom. Though I concede that technology can be abused in the classroom and you need to be careful with what is used and how it’s used. I still maintain that it’s useful in the classroom, for example using technology to connect with someone outside of the classroom you may not usually get to; if you have a class reading a book by a certain author that they all seem to be excited about and it’s almost impossible to get that author to your class , you can always use technology to video chat with this author and get them to visit your classroom without actually physically being there. Although some people might think that technology is more likely to be abused in the classroom or teachers might not know how to use technology properly, I would reply that with the correct training teachers would be able to use the technology well, and hopefully along with this training and access to information technology would not be abused in the classroom. The issue is important because although there is a possibility that technology could be abused in the classroom, it’s more likely that it won’t be abused and would be used to further children’s education.






2 thoughts on “Lights On?

  1. I liked in your The right Technology may be a pencil, that you pointed out both side views and agreed with them, and also pointed out what the other sides did not agree with.


  2. I like your organization of your posting- you appear to have followed the template closely to craft an introduction to an academic argument This creates a nicely supported academic conversation, where you are engaged with other people’s views and respond with your own. You should follow this format whenever you enter academic discourse- ie. “they say, I say.” When done correctly, the format gives a very well organized, well-supported, and well written argument. Feels good, doesn’t it?

    Further, I really like the template you’ve selected. Classic white on black contrasts, clean lines, uncluttered background…nice!


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