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Material is protected by copyright as soon as it’s put into tangible form, and you should always assume (even if you can’t find the copyright info) that something is copyrighted. The four tests of fair use are a simple version of the intricate rules schools and libraries alike must use when questioning whether or not something is okay to use or copyrighted. The things to be considered when thinking of fair use are the purpose of the material you’re using, the nature of the work you’re copying or using, the amount of the work or material you’re copying, the effect your use of the material will have on the value of what you’re using. The media being used when considering copyright does actually matter; although many may not think so. Different types of media print, audio and visual, multimedia, and internet information or materails all have different type of copyright laws and different requirements one needs to meet in order to use them.

Digital Citizen Ship:

In the video Teaching Digital Citizenship (linked above) Mr. Pane engages his students by relating to them through super heroes, and then having them build their own super hero to be in a comic about digital citizenship because “Great power comes with great responsibility.” The superheroes these students create solve things like stopping people from gossiping online, and keeping people from putting personal information online where it may be not safe to.

Gallery walks is more of a group work technique used in a classroom, where students walk throughout the classroom and are actively engaged-working and talking in small groups; sharing ideas and asking meaningful questions. This could be useful in almost any lesson in a classroom, and  I would more than likely use it daily with my students. It’s a strategy that’s useable with all subjects, not just one and would be beneficial to many students.


One thought on “Digitial Citizen Ship Today

  1. I don’t think we need to be scared of copyright laws, but rather should make every attempt to adhere to them as part of a philosophy to be good models for our students. Nice thoughts here.

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. Think about places where you could incorporate additional hyperlinks to supporting evidence or classroom resources you come across.


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