Multimedia in the Classroom

Article for this post:

In recent discussions of using video production and podcasts in the classroom, a controversial issue is how these things should be used in the classroom. On one hand, some argue that podcasts and video productions are a lot of work and too much work when you could just stand in front of a class and speak to them, or write out some instructions for a substitute instead of taking all the work and spending the time to put together and edit a podcast or a video. On the other hand people argue that this is a great way to bring something fun to a classroom, have your students listen to a podcast for homework, watch a fun video that maybe you made. It’s a way to spice up your lectures and keep things a bit more interesting for your students, especially with all the technology being used outside of the classroom these days. In sum the issue is how these things should be used in the classroom and to what extent they should be used. My own view is that these should be used in class often, maybe not daily, but often in the classroom setting. Students could definitely benefit from using these in class, it could also benefit students to learn how to use these things in class. When students see these tools actually being put to use in the classroom, they see all the ways they can actually be put to use in “real life” or at work. Podcasts and video production are tools being used today to make careers online, so really this could teach many students entrepreneurship.

Some websites for video production and podcasts in class:






These are just a few basic links to get someone started with either video editing, posting, or podcasts. They’re also great places (especially YouTube) to get how to videos on how to make or improve podcasts and videos for in the classroom.




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