Lesson Planning

I honestly never thought so much work could go into lesson planning, I mean I always knew it definitely took work but I don’t think I realized quite how much. I’ve started looking at some writing/language arts standards for fourth grade and how to incorporate these into a unit/lesson plan on the Oregon Trail. This was my favorite section and something I’m really looking forward to teaching when I start my career, so I decided to look into planning a lesson that I want to teach. I’m currently looking into adding tech a few different ways using YouTube as one, video cameras as another, and some sort of podcast-as well as a couple of others I haven’t quite decided on.

Readwritethink: A website with some helpful ideas for lesson planning.

Tech Standards: Standards to meet tech wise with your lesson plan/grade.


One thought on “Lesson Planning

  1. The first time through anything is usually tough, but will get easier each time with the proper reflection and adjustment. Remember, teaching is a marathon, not a sprint…just keep moving forward each day. Thanks for all of your contributions this term, Kat. I look forward to seeing you in future classes!


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